Now that’s how you start a book review

And if you’re jabbing your own organization a little?  So much the better!

“The New York Times Book Review’s advice and miscellaneous best-seller list — the place where self-help books go to eyeball one another — is a boisterous rolling carnival of hustlers and hacks and optimists and jokers, with the occasional naked lady, tent preacher, dog trainer or television chef thrown in for good measure. Serious books do appear there, but they’re like guests who’ve wandered into the wrong party.”

The NYT’s review of Timothy Ferriss’s “4 Hour Body” is full of barely-restrained, glorious zing.  How could it not be?  Books like this, characters like this can only be karmic payback for critics.   Dwight Garner, you did something right in your past lives to get this assignment.

“If a movie were to be made of Mr. Ferriss’s life, it would star Matthew McConaughey in little rectangular eyeglasses…”

No, I imagine that if a movie were to be made of Mr. Ferriss’s life (heaven only knows, the script is being shopped somewhere), it would be a two hour version of the Aleksey Vayner video.

I’ll let you wander down to the best lines – invoking Klaus Kinski and Snooki, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Skymall catalog – yourself.

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